Solo ✌️

The other day, I had the pleasure to attend a party by myself. Mind you, I was with my boyfriend & his guy friends, but the only female out of the group.
So we were at this party, and I knew absolutely no one. I sat in the corner and sipped my beer, iPhone in hand, scrolling through trying to find something worth my time.
Awkwardly, an old high school friend had spotted me and we started conversing. But while we held a lovely convo about how much our lives had changed since high school, her sorority sisters were behind her mocking and making fun of me. I thought “why make fun of someone you don’t know?”, but next thing I knew, she was introducing me to them. So there they were, the somewhat ok looking females of the Alpha Kappa Sorority. Laughing and mildly minding their own business, she introduced me to them. They seemed like they were too good to meet me. Like I was fucking every guy I came to the party with.
But I wasn’t.
But they judged me like a closed book with no title nor cover.
I said hello and went back into my corner.
I was never a sorority person to begin with. I bump heads with females who feel as though joining a sorority makes you better than the average female. I love to smoke, drink, watch football & basketball, and chill out.
But thats just me.


What do you think?

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