To Be Fond Of…

So I absolutely adore affection…
Something about it makes me feel wanted and loved,
And not any ordinary love that you would receive from a typical person.
But, one that’s a significant other.
The very thought of him staring at me when I’m doing various things though out my day annoys yet excites me.
Someone is admiring my beauty from a far,
Without mocking my flaws, yet I hate feeling Like I’m being watched.
The very thought of being seized in his arms collecting kisses upon my forehead gives me
But mostly, the best part of my night is ending it lying In bed next to him, legs entangled in Eachothers while drawing our bodies closer. Arms are wrapped around me tight while we Drift off into a slumber we refuse to woken From. And once one of us arises from our Slumber, we ask ” Are you ok? ” and say ” I love you. “, then hold eachother while we Linger back to sleep.
I love how he adores me.


One thought on “To Be Fond Of…

  1. This is beautiful and exactly what I long for as well. I hope that one day someone will lean over and kiss my forehead while im fast asleep. And I will never know


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